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Let’s Talk Adaptogens

Let’s begin by defining what an adaptogen is. As the name implies, regular use helps you adapt to your internal and external conditions. These are herbs that have been touted across the centuries globally for their healing benefits. Taken over time they are preventatives that help the body naturally function the way it was intended… Read More Let’s Talk Adaptogens

Food for Health

A Pleasant Period

Alright ladies, let’s get personal. Whether you call them moon days, Aunt Flo, ladies’ days, a period, a cycle, or the curse I don’t know of any woman that looks forward to having her menstrual cycle. They are inconvenient and messy at best and expensive and painful at worse. For some of us it’s cause… Read More A Pleasant Period

Healthy Tidbits

Bad Cough?

The next time that cough tries to settle in reach for the 100% pineapple juice. It’s full of the bromelain that happens to be the active ingredient in cough syrup.

Healthy Tidbits

Stuffy Nose?

If you’re having trouble with sinus congestion and pain across your cheeks/behind your eyes then the neti pot is a worthy investment. Just follow the simple instructions on the box and watch your troubles swirl away down the drain.

Food for Beauty

Oil Cleansing

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I, in no uncertain terms, do not suffer from lack of self-esteem. Well, in the last month or so my head has swollen to biblical proportions. My complexion is the best it’s ever been thanks to a new skin regimen I’ve been trying out. I use the… Read More Oil Cleansing

Healthy Tidbits

Muscle Cramps?

The next time a muscle cramp stops you in your tracks get to the fridge! If you have some pickle juice on hand, toss it back or if you have prepared, yellow mustard (yes, Frenchy’s will do) then use it as a topical and rub it in until the cramp eases. You’re welcome…

Food for Health

Himalayan Pink!

I’m back eager readers but this one will be a quickie. Settle down fellas, not that kind of quickie. In the interest of the weather changing here in the city I thought I’d throw a little something out to my fellow sinus/allergy sufferers. I’ve discovered that adding 1/8 tsp. of SEA salt (not that mess… Read More Himalayan Pink!